megan Lin
design for a smile


moodpop Popsicle Brand (Case Study)


moodpop is an new unconventional popsicle product that is aim to encourage people enjoying their popsicles and unveiling the flavors and feelings layers by layers. Each type of popsicle is made layerly with the ingredients of beverages. For example, Peach Mojito Popsicle is made of the layers: mint, lime, peach,and peach mojito. (Each flavor will offers different Feelings responded to the flavor)

We offers three categories of moodpop:

slowpop-a cocktail based popsicle that makes you slow down

awakepop-a coffee based popsicle that makes you wake up

delightpop-a fruity smoothie based popsicle that makes you happy

moodpop will partner up with local coffee shop that share the similar

brand ethos Slow, Enjoy, Enlighten!