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Bring Together

Bring Together Collection Exhibition (2016 April )


The Bring Together collection creates home as meditative place through a flow of conversation (image 1) from entering through your door (Flow In), to the hearth (Gather Light), and to window (Inside Out).

It is not a hard boundary but a transition. It is one way to connect to your pure moment, the moment that you and your senses are having a conversation, and relief / healing you feel from an overwhelming schedule in an overloading world.

My Bring Together collection is a spatial concept that I translated into my graduation show display (held in April 2016). The transition of a home space (image 2) is made by a wall structure separating the inside and out. The collection is displayed as a “virtual home” which demonstrated the spirit of boundary-free space and pure moment.

3 X 3 celebrates the processes of “framing” your world from different visual stages including  eye framing ,  moment capturing , and  reframing from memories.

Product Design



A doormat system, encourages individuals to slow down and unload stress by following the pattern and gradation. It provides a path to experience transitional tactile and visual quality of the entrance

Pendant and Table

Light gathers individuals around the center of a home space to witness and interact with the colors emulating the sky. It is a magical setting with the light. Individuals can create their pure moment by mixing these “magic layers” by rotating the top lens and mix the colors of the sky.



A reflecting reminder that attaches to the window sill/ wall bringing the outside, inside. Depending on where you sit, the Inside Out Mirror offers different juxtapositions of inside/outside reflections. You may adjust the angle or change seating position to remind you of the pure moment of seeing  two worlds together.


Exhibition Design

Graphic Elements Design

Handwriting Logo and notes are used because it feels more human and presents a more personal and emotional quality similar to that of seeking a pure moment. The four gradient palettes brings up a sense of rejuvenation and relaxation as you go through the process of seeking and enjoying a pure moment in different spaces in your home, from door to hearth to windows.

                    Featured in Designboom 2016.07.03

                    Featured in Designboom 2016.07.03

    Featured in Stylus 2016.07.13

    Featured in Stylus 2016.07.13


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