megan Lin
design for a smile



A multidisciplinary designer,

is interested in furniture, lighting, life style products, and brand identity design. I envision to make positive impact or even a smile by bringing in my design, which provides a chance to enlighten yourselves by having sensorial experiences.


Be mindful of your present and future!


I believe design has temperature. To me, temperature creates emotional impact. It has been living with you since you were born. It is integrated into your life, and never leaves you alone.

I believe design is honest and intuitive. Users interact with design through sensorial experiences. The moment that you and your senses having conversation provides you a chance to rethink, recharge, and be mindful of your present and future.

After having transparent experiences with the design, it is time to translate and archive them into your memory. It is also the time to “rethink, recharge and enlighten by yourself.”  

Currently look for product/furniture design position.